OZRIC TENTACLES veröffentlichen heute Song “Humboldt Currant” aus dem heute kommenden Album “Space For The Earth”

OZRIC TENTACLES veröffentlichen heute Song Humboldt Currant aus dem heute kommenden Album Space For The Earth

Die Instrumental Space Prog Rocker um Ozric Tentacles veröffentlichen pünktlich zur Sonnwende den Track Humboldt Currant aus dem am 20.06.20 erscheinenden Album Space For The Earth. Direkt zum Song geht es HIER.

Aus dem Pressetext:
Ozric Tentacles are excited to announce the Summer Solstice release of Humboldt Currant, the new single from their forthcoming album Space for the Earth.  An activation portal into blissed out otherworldly dimensions, the sound of waves crashing on the shore give way to swirling synths underneath a fractal sky.  Recorded while shimmering into nature, the track gently glides through percussive landscapes accented by a driving, hypnotic bass groove and uplifting guitar chords that prepare you for launch into the stratopshere.

One of the most influential bands to emerge from the UK’s festival scene, Ozric Tentacles formed during the solstice at Stonehenge Free Festival 1983, going onto become psychedelic staples at Glastonbury over the next three decades.  The creative vision of multi-instrumentalist Ed Wynne, The Ozric’s uniquely trippy soundscapes connect fans of progressive rock, psychedelia and dance music culture.

‘It’s a light-hearted message about feeling all right. It’s not trying to dig down into the depths of what is going wrong in the world but giving people a little bit of relief from everyday life, a stepping-stone into the astral plane’.
Available in all digital stores 20.06.20 on Kscope in time for the Solstice, artwork by Ozric family member Ivy (Zsolt Ivanyi).