Lesoir veröffentlichen neues Video zum Song “Mosaic” aus kommendem Album

Die dänischen Progger Lesoir veröffentlichen Video zu ihrem neuen Song Mosaic aus dem am 04.05.20 via Glassville Records erscheinenden Album

Foto Credit: Harry Heuts

While Mosaic was not intentionally penned as a reflection on the current global situation, the multi-instrumentalist quintet’s latest offering does focus on a very similar and relevant topic. It has unintentionally taken on a new meaning with current world events.

Direkt zum Video kommt ihr HIER.

Ingo Dassen and I were talking about our parents, some of them are struggling with a disease”, vocalist Maartje tells. “They had so many plans when they retired. He said something that has stuck with me, especially now; Sometimes, life decides to all of a sudden shatter your work of art. You have to start over, with the same pieces, to create something new.”

Though the original theme behind the single focused on their parents having to find new ways to enjoy life in the face of ageing and disease, Lesoir feel incredibly strongly that this now applies to a great many more of the world’s population, amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.
Times are hard, but by rearranging our ‘pieces’ of life, we can find a way to still make something beautiful out of the things we’ve still got, and new things we find that fit them in these new situations we currently face. Be kind to one another during these times, and take joy in the small comforts we have.”

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