Seth Borsellini veröffentlicht Video zu Single “Chrysalis” als ersten Track aus kommendem Album

Simone Borsellini alias Seth Borsellini veröffentlicht Video zu Chrysalis aus im Winter kommendem Album

Borsellini selbst sagt über die Single: “In life there are sudden changes that kill you inside and take away part of you forever. It’s necessary to find oneself, to close oneself in a cocoon and to be reborn as free as butterflies. The change is long, slow and complicated… the cocoon is a safe, comfortable nest, it isolates you from the outside world, not letting even a glimpse of raw reality enter. Rejecting the natural advent of metamorphosis is an inexorable descent into the darkness of madness and eternal perdition, a conscious suicide, but also the fastest way to extinguish the incessant pain. ‘Wings of cripple memories will grow and I will wander in the nest Drops of Styx gush out from the eyes extinguished is the night'”
Direkt zum Video kommt ihr HIER.