Haken veröffentlichen ersten Song “Prosthetic” aus dem kommenden Album

Haken veröffentlichen mit der Single Prosthetic den ersten Song aus dem am 05.06.20 via Inside Out erscheinenden Album Virus

Die Progrocker um Haken veröffentlichen mit Prosthetic die erste Single aus dem kommenden Album Virus, das ihr HIER sehen könnt. 

Die Band selbst kommentiert zum Song: “‘Prosthetic’ was the first song we completed during the ‘Virus’ writing sessions and we always felt it would be the perfect opener for the album. It’s a very guitar heavy track with its roots in 80s thrash riffing, but with the unconventional rhythmic twists and turns we often like to explore in Haken. We sadly never had a Jeff Hanneman and Robert Fripp collaboration, but this song at least draws on inspiration from them both!
Lyrically the song is a bridge between our two albums ‘Vector’ and ‘Virus’. The message was brilliantly brought to life by video director Vicente Cordero, who also beautifully captured the live energy of the band in a way that both enhances the song, and perfectly sets the scene for what’s to come.

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