Gone Is Gone veröffentlichen ihren neuen Song “Sometimes I Feel”

Gone Is Gone veröffentlichen ihren neuen Song Sometimes I Feel

Foto Credit: Stefan Schmid

Gone Is Gone begann vor ein paar Jahren als ein Projekt Filmmusik zu produzieren. Der Film Trailer Komponist Mike Zarin und Drummer Tony Hajjar (At The Drive-In) produzierten so Filmmusik für Zarin´s Firma Sencit, die in der Szene großes Lob erntete. Zarin sagt folgendes zum Projekt: “We started just writing,” recalls Zarin. “And we expanded the style—within some sort of sub-genre—and we had this one particular song that people kept using. Then they started asking us for more like this song. And we were like, ‘We think we stumbled onto a sound here.’
Next move? “Let’s start a band.”

Direkt zum neuen Video geht es HIER.

Im nächsten Schritt holte Hajjar seinen Freund, den Gitarristen Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens Of The Stone Age, A Perfect Circle, Failure, Sweethead…) in die Band. Zarin: “We played him the music we’d been doing,” says Zarin. “‘We want to start a band like this,’ we told him. ‘Let’s do this.'” “And he’s like, ‘Cool, man, that sounds awesome.'”

Bassist und Sänger Troy Sanders, Mastodon, war ohne lange Überlegungen an Bord, wie Zarin sagt: “He was on board right away,” says Zarin. In an interview with Billboard, Sanders, who came up with the name Gone Is Gone, remembered “getting the call.” “I was standing in line at the DMV in Atlanta and my phone rings, and it’s one of my musical heroes, Troy Van Leeuwen. That was a phone call that just threw a giant rainbow into the miserable DMV environment where I was standing. It was almost like the stars aligned to make this band happen.”Die Band sagt folgendes zum neuen Song: “Sometimes I Feel started as a collaboration under quarantine, using the limited tools we had.  What started with phone tag, turned into the creation of sounds using samples of voicemail bits, which turned into a visceral collaboration for all of us to subconsciously express our psyche under lockdown.  It’s an odd turn for us as a band that reflects an odd turn for us as a society.”

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