Godsticks veröffentlichen Video zu “Victim” aus dem aktuellen Album “Inescapable”

Godsticks veröffentlichen Video zu Victim aus dem aktuellen Album Inescapable

Nachdem das von Medien und Fans hochgefierte Album Inescapable im Februar veröffentlicht wurde,feiert der Song Victim nun in Videoform Premiere. Direkt zum Video geht es HIER.

Darran Charles sagt zum Song: “All of us seem to agree that this is our favourite song on the album. There is a definite progression from a light mood to a very dark and angsty vibe, which from a compositional standpoint was extremely challenging to achieve, but eventually very rewarding. To me the song is essentially about arguing with myself – looking inside and not liking some of the things I find. You can visualise the person you want to be but trying to change can also be a process just as hurtful as coming to terms with our flaws.”

Zum Video selbst sagt Drummer Tom Price: “For Victim’s music video, we decided to focus on another big visually impactful performance, so we simply had to work with George Laycock from Black Tide Audio Visual again because he did such a great job with our ‘Denigrate’ video. With the help of lighting engineer Laure, we dreamt up a light show to emphasize those two different moods in the song that Darran was talking about – shifting from low-key in the first half into high impact arena-show lighting in the second. Everything came together once again and we could not be more happy with the finished product!” he continues “We hope the new video will at least provide a little distraction to anyone gracious enough to view it during these crazy times; all 4 of us are certainly very proud of it. We hope everyone out there is staying safe and well and trust me when I say that the band is itching to get back out on the road as soon as possible!”

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