Fugitive veröffentlichen Video zu “Private Visions Of The World” aus Album “Multiverso”

Die Prog Metal Band Fugitive veröffentlicht Video zu Private Visions Of The World aus aktuellem Album Multiverso

Mit dem Video zu Private Visions of the World veröffentlichen die Prog Metaller um Fugitive ein wirklich trippy Video aus dem aktuellen Album Multiverso, das ihr HIER sehen könnt. Die Band selbst sagt: 
This song is about the frightening thoughts of what’s out in the universe and freaky theories about the multiverse. We were stunned by the artwork for the album cover and came to the idea of using its elements in a music video. The song we picked features interesting new ideas like a guitar solo and even vocals but don’t worry – we are not planning on getting a singer! 

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