Asking Alexandria – Unplugged-Version zu “Antisocialist”

Asking Alexandria überraschen ihre Fans mit einer Unplugged-Version ihrer Single Antisocialist

Foto Credit: Pressefoto Asking Alexandria FB

Gitarrist Ben Bruce kommentiert:

“Over the years we have been known to release many acoustic versions of our songs from a number of albums. Antisocialist has rapidly become our most successful active rock single of our entire career so we wanted to do something special. Instead of just another “acoustic version” of a song we decided to really strip this one back and try and recreate the song as an unplugged version that lives and breathes its own identity. An unplugged, vulnerable rendition of the song that hopefully allows people to feel like they are in the room with the band whilst we play it. To all of our fans, old and new, we truly hope you enjoy this unique version of Antisocialist as much as we do. We love you.“
HIER geht es zu zugehörigem Unplugged Video. 
(Das Video zu der “Antisocialist“ Album-Version verzeichnet mittlerweile bereits über 4 Millionen Zugriffe: HIER )
Nach dem digitalen Album-VÖ im Mai, erschien nun auch die physische Version des neuen Studioalbums “Like A House On Fire“ auf Sumerian Records. 
Asking Alexandria traten erstmals 2008 auf den Plan und blicken auf zwei Gold-Singles, Milliarden Streams und Video-Views sowie auf drei Alben in den Top 10 der Billboard-Charts zurück. Live absolvierte die Band schon Shows mit Acts wie Guns n Roses, green Day, Avenged Sevenfold, Alice in Chains und Slipknot.

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